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I have had many guises in my life: journalist, food photographer, director, restauranteur and now podcaster.

Personally I have always had a passion for food & travel and have always worked my vocation to allow me a way to keep those elements alive in my life. 

I have worked in Canada & the UK as a journalist which morphed into a food photographer & director where I was able to delve deep into the Culture of Food. Working on the aesthetic of food with chefs, food producers, brands & editors.

Impending Brexit motivated me to move back to British Columbia to help my sister realise her lifelong dream of creating a restaurant and together we integrated our skills and passion for food & travel to create Roadhouse in Smithers BC. An upscale casual restaurant serving internationally inspired food in a beautifully curated setting. 

Always looking for new inspiration the next phase of my journey is to combine these skills and create a multi-media approach to the passion of food & travel with podcasts, moving image & photography.

Past Clients

Nat Geo food, Nat Geo Traveller, BBC Food, The Guardian Travel, Wagamama, Saveur Magazine, Costa Coffee

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